Our Tenants have "24/7" Secured and Coded Access to their Unit

301 West Avenue G

Hope, Arkansas 71801
Located Behind Fred's Dollar Store

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
(Office is closed on Sunday)

U.S. Mail:

P.O. Box 1888
Hope, AR 71802-1888



Unit Sizes

Secur-Storage has 200 storage units in six size variations to accommodate your specific needs. Below you will find a description of the contents that can fit into a specific sized unit:

This unit is about the size of a household closet. 

The ceiling is approximately 8 feet high and the door is 36 inches wide.  It is ideal if you have boxes that can be stacked, clothing, small furniture or other small items.  It can also be used for commercial storage, equipment, records and inventory.   

A 5x10 storage unit can be compared to a “walk-in” closet. 

It is suitable for small amounts of furniture, chairs, dressers, box springs, mattresses, miscellaneous small items, boxes, motorcycles, ATVs and business supplies.  Keep in mind that the ceiling is approximately 8 feet high, and the door is 36 inches wide.  Whatever you want to place inside must fit through this opening.

This is our most popular sized unit. 

A 10x10 self-storage unit is suitable for a typical apartment or small house.  If you have a little furniture, perhaps some appliances, and miscellaneous small items and boxes, this size may suit your needs to a “T."  The doorway is 96 inches wide. 

Need something a little larger? 

A 10x15 storage unit is suitable for furniture from larger apartments or houses, with appliances and boxes.  This is a good size also for commercial or business inventory, shop equipment or small yard tools and equipment.  The doorway is 96 inches wide.

Items from larger living areas may fit just fine in our 10x20 unit. 

This unit can accommodate a three-bedroom house with appliances, lots of boxes and furniture.  The doorway is 96 inches wide. 

These are our largest units! 

These units have higher ceilings, wider doors and walls. They are large enough for cars, small trucks and boats.  Contractors may like these to store tractors or equipment on trailers and expensive items that are not used every day but need to be securely stored.  There are three variations of the 12-1/2x35.

Rent your unit today. Call Secur-Storage to reserve your unit right away. 
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